When Your Stuff Isn’t Selling: A Guide for Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Spiritual entrepreneurship isn’t about looking for the sleazy sales.

Spiritual entrepreneurs are interested in deeply serving their clients. And it can be difficult when our courses, offerings and workshops aren’t selling. Read on to find out more.

I’m using business astrology to help you serve your clients and make more money. If you’re not familiar with business astrology for spiritual entrepreneurship,

check out my previous article HERE.


Spiritual entrepreneurship is an invitation to know ourselves and share that wisdom with the world. Yes, you can make money doing what you love and without feeling icky.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Here’s why your clients aren’t buying and how fix it.

  1. Go back at look at your Mercury placement. Is your voice aligned with your messaging? As spiritual and holistic entrepreneurs, we often struggle with claiming our authority.
  2. Reflect on your Venus placement. How do you give and receive love? Are your offers aligned with this pathway? Don’t sell something that doesn’t set your soul on fire! If you’re not excited about it, your clients won’t be either.
  3. Check out where Jupiter is in your chart. This is your WEALTH and HAPPINESS placement. Once you’ve reflected on it’s placement, compare it to how you run your business.


Look at your sales strategy, marketing, and offers.

Do they energetically and intuitively align with your Jupiter placement?

Spiritual entrepreneurs are seeking alignment to unlock their wealth pathways.

Marry spiritual entrepreneurship with business astrology and you have a supportive and intuitive tool to guide you. Business suddenly just gets easier.

You now have a litmus test that you can run ALL your offers through. No more wondering what your clients want, how to sell it, or what your marketing should look like!

I trust this gives you some more insight into how your business astrology chart can support you in making more sales.

Big WILD love,



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