You've seen all the SPECIALISTS.

Been covered head to toe in ACUPUNCTURE needles.

And spent HOURS on your therapist's couch...

If you've tried it ALL to heal and NOTHING seems to work...

Nadine weaves the scientific with the SACRED, the clinical with the SPIRITUAL.  This is the true essence of holistic healing.

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Nadine works with people who have been LET DOWN by mainstream medicine.

You may have been told "there's not much else we can do" or "take this drug for the rest of your life"

Nadine doesn't REPLACE your doctor.

She helps you HEAL the parts mainstream medicine doesn't talk about.

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She has helped THOUSANDS of clients to heal and overcome illness.
Because of her experience as a midwife, she weaves the practical with the spiritual. She will talk about your lab tests AND explore your parent's divorce.

Nadine has a record of sparking





for western medicine's lost causes.

Your body is never betraying you.

She’s a wise motherf*cker attempting to get your attention in the only way she knows how: pain and dis-ease.

Nadine helps you decode her signals

(some translators speak French, Nadine speaks “physical symptoms”).

Once communication has been restored you will be WOWed by how fast shifts occur.


Weaving science, SPIRITUALITY and holistic therapies.

Nadine has spent 30 years helping people restore their health holistically. Sacred Naked. Plant Medicine.  Ecstatic Dance, Breathwork. Energy Healing. Soul Wounds. Ancestral Trauma.


Nadine offers 1-1 and group HEALING intensives.

You Will Heal.

Nadine works with doctors, psychotherapists and all types of healers.
Her services are not a substitute for proper medical advice.

Start working with Nadine today and  let's get you some results!