The HOLISTIC Entrepreneur


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This book is an invitation for you to learn the most unique and powerful tools that will help you offer your gifts to the world and make money doing it.

White NAD
Nadine Robinson
White INE
The holistic entrepreneur

Are you tired of having an amazing product or service and not getting the returns you should?

Do you want to live your life on fire and actually have love, abundance, purpose and happiness?

How would it feel to be paid well for the work that sets you on fire?

If you answered YES to any of these questions
Is for you

This book will guide you with
tools to help you create the success you deserve


• Learn how to stop struggling with imposter syndrome;
• Radically overcome your money wounding experiences;
• Master the top steps that you must take to get yourself out there and visible to your clients;
• Know how to stop old patterns and beliefs that are holding you back;
• Avoid burnout and recognize when you are out of alignment;
• Get paid well for doing what you love.

You can have INSPIRING and EMBODIED SUCCESS if you are ready to do the work


This book is a DEEP dive

It will give you radical insight into how to share your business as an extension of the wild and beautiful life you want to live.


"I have been a business owner for OVER 7 YEARS and this is the FIRST TIME I feel 100% heard and seen by a fellow business owner.“

- Brigitte Meyer, BSc, EEBW Owner Of Vitality Equine & Design With Brigitte

"Win-win or no go!" What an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL read about approaching your business with your whole heart and all parts of self!”

- Treeka Drake, Owner of One Love Master Herbalist, Holistic Therapist, Birth Doula, Curator Of Transpersonal Experiences

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