10 Traits all Spiritual Entrepreneurs Must Possess

Have you ever heard the terms “spiritual entrepreneurs” and wondered if you might be one?


Spiritual Entrepreneurs are a little bit different than other entrepreneurs

Here are 10 traits that all spiritual entrepreneurs must possess:

  1. You are deeply committed to your own personal growth. Spiritual entrepreneurs know that their own evolution is foundational to their business. You’re willing to do the work.
  2. You’re not a victim. Look, lots of tough things have happened to you. But spiritual entrepreneurs don’t go around blaming others. You take responsibility for you life.
  3. You seek compassion for yourself. I bet you can be hard on yourself! High achievers seem to be their worst critics. But you’re not afraid to find that compassion for yourself, a little bit more, every single day.
  4. You actually believe that what you do matters. Hey, we can’t all be the Dali Lama or Michelangelo, but spiritual entrepreneurs know that their work will make a difference in the world.
  5. You aren’t interested in vanity metrics. Sure likes, shares, and going viral might be fun, but deep down you know that your work is touching people every single day. The universe has got your back.
  6. You’ve ditched perfection. Nobody’s perfect. You’re really good at showing up imperfectly and just going for it.
  7. You have a rich spiritual life. Whether it’s prayer, meditation, tarot or working with plants, you’re dedicated to your spiritual practice and prioritize that in your life.
  8. You know the true meaning of wealth. Yes, money makes life easier, but you’re not willing to sacrifice your family, your relationships or your health for your business. It might not always be in balance, but you know travelling to an exotic beach is just as valuable as making bank.
  9. Your business has to be deeply satisfying to you.  You can be a carpenter, selling vintage clothes or crocheting baby blankets. Your work doesn’t have to BE spiritual. It’s about the deep satisfaction that you’ve creatively made a difference. You aren’t just in it for fame and fortune.
  10. You’re wildly aware of your shadows and darkness. We all have skeletons in the closet. Spiritual entrepreneurs are actually willing to look there. You know you can be nasty and have harmed people and made mistakes. I guarantee you’re the villain in someone’s story. And you’re going to own all of it and use it to help yourself and others.

So, would you count yourself among one of the spiritual entrepreneurs?

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